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Why Parents Need a Break

I was a powerhouse, career woman before I had a child. I had hobbies and workouts and wine nights with friends and, I even traveled....alot! Then, I had a beautiful, energetic baby boy. He is seven now, but guess what? I still do all those things. Is it harder? ABSOLUTELY! Do I fit things into my life differently? You bet! But, each day, I become more and more aware of the need to be more than just his mom.

Don't misunderstand me. Mom is probably the best title I have ever been awarded. I do love being a parent and I would not trade it for anything. But, as an entrepreneur, a wife, a triathlete, a friend and a

mom, I am slowly finding out that I am better at all those things because I take care of me. So, when I ran across this article, it resonated with me so strongly, that I felt I had to share.

We created Music City Kids Club for a reason. And part of that reason is to make better parents for the kids in our community. So, take a break. Go for a walk. Do whatever you do to center yourself and refresh. As my husband constantly reminds me....quality over quantity. You will be better for it. #parentingishard #youvegotthis #musiccitykidsclub #parentingtips

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