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"My son absolutely loves it here. The facility is always really clean and organized. The staff is amazing very friendly and attentive. I love that there is a large variety of activities. The rates are fair and the flexibility of hours was a major factor for my family. I have a picky eater so I always pack his lunch and snack even though there is a really good snack option for purchase at the facility." - Catherine Johnson

"I love taking my son here! They have the friendliest staff and my son is always begging me to go back. I love that it's hourly and I don't have to make an appointment. They do offer snacks for a price but I brought our own snacks and they had no problem with it. I can't wait for more of these to open in more cities!" - Victoria Eccles

"My kids love it and we feel so comfortable dropping them off there. We’re with Music City Kids Club for almost 3 years now. The staff is so nice and helpful. If you need a break this is THE place to take care of your little ones. So glad we have this in Hendersonville." - cjtrade18

"We're too lucky to have this place in H'ville. Great hours, great flexibility, and the kids have a blast there. Great option for school holidays, date nights, or if you just need an hour or 2 to get things done. Love them." - Josh Akers

"This place is amazing! My kids love to go and always have a great time. It’s been a lifesaver as a working mom with a toddler and 4th grader. I’ve always wanted something like this in Hendersonville and am grateful they opened up. The staff is great, their security puts your mind at ease, and most importantly you pickup your kiddos with smiles on their face! Tons of activities for younger ones, including a play set, and entertainment for the older ones (Xbox, etc). Check it out! I don’t write reviews often, but I love this place and want them to be open for years to come." - Jane Schultz

"Working with Allison was great! Seeing her passion to help parents find affordable, drop in child care was refreshing. From background checked, CPR trained employees to a secure check-in/check-out process (and it's a fun place!), it should check all the boxes for parents!" - Brian Holloway

"When I come back to get my kids and they are upset to leave you know that they are having a great time! It’s a blessing to have this available and I love the location! I can drop them off and get my grocery shopping done, by myself! And they are usually worn out when I pick them up!" - Jessica Elliot

"Music city kids club is the best most unique new business in Hendersonville. All parents in Hendersonville need to try this place! My child loves this place!" - Cassandra Brown

"Our son loves this place! He puts on the spiderman costume and plays it up;)" - Karen Swisher

"This place is a god send! Great location great so workers!" - Marcus Rodgers

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