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Mom Friends

I will admit it. I am a "late in life mom." I put alot of focus on career and personal growth before I decided to take the leap into parenthood. Because of that, many of my friends had at least a decade head start. So, when my time came to be a parent, there were plenty of resources for advice, but not many playdates. I found that people my age were well past the toddler stage and moms in their 20s were not necessarily interested in befriending an "old mom."

When my son started school, I found a new challenge; making mom friends. Recently, I have been in conversations with several friends going through the same thing. Some of my friends have found it hard to fit in as a working mom. The moms in the PTO at her school don't work and cannot relate. Other friends are joining schools where the socioeconomic diversity makes them feel out of place. My challenge was that my son attends a small Christian school where many parents are alumni and have known each other for years....and that I am still the "old mom."

So, as our kids are starting a new school year and activities and events are gearing up, look around. Have you ever reached out to other parents from your child's class? Do you try to make friends or share phone numbers in case that homework emergency should arise? Perhaps you feel like the outsider, or maybe you might find your next best friend. Put the work in. Extend the invitation. Chances are, we are all feeling the exact same way.

This is my school mom friend, Nicole and our boys. Her family has been such an amazing addition to our lives. We have playdates and have even traveled together.

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