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What the Heck is Going On?

I have asked myself that so many times over the last 2 weeks. I am sure all of us have. From quarantine requests to social distancing to schools and graduations being canceled, our world as we know it, has been turned upside down.

We have become experts in procuring toilet paper and are learning to sympathize with the major job teachers have of teaching our children. Much like the terrorist attacks on 9/11, many of us are living through yet another future lesson in history. And, it is scary.

We have lost the comfort of normalcy and even the satisfaction of hugging our neighbors and friends in times of stress and loss. Weeks ago, a Starbucks coffee may have been considered an essential, today, we have a reality check of what really is essential and it has been eye-opening.

There have been some that question our decision to keep Music City Kids Club open. Among our huge demographic of families, many have lost their access to traditional daycare or mother's day out programs. Because of this, we are trying to help doctors, nurses, police officers and other essential workers to keep moving forward. Without family nearby, many have no other option for childcare.

We hope that you will respect our decision and recognize that we did not take this decision lightly. For us, this has not been a financial decision, it has been one of community support. If you need us, we will continue to do our best to help.

Hug your children, keep your social distance intact and keep washing your hands. In turn, we will keep sanitizing and keep you posted as this situation continues to evolve and change.

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