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Valentines Day with Kids

I have never been a big fan of Valentine's Day. I always said that Hallmark created it to sell lots of hearts and cards. Either way, it took on a new meaning when I had a child. I was even more confused! They say that Valentine's Day is the celebration of those we love. Of course I love my child, but I always thought Valentine's Day was a "couples holiday". Boy was I wrong.

When my son started school, this became even more apparent. There are 4 aisles in Walmart (8 if you count both sides of the aisle) dedicated to everything red and pink. I cruised the aisles seeking the perfect classroom cards, but I was also on the hunt for a "child-focused" Valentine's present. If I had a girl, it would be easy! There are stuffed bears, valentine-themed nail polish, unicorns and more. But a Valentine present for my very rough-and-tumble boy was another story. Either way, today's Tuesday Parenting Tip is about celebrating Valentine's Day with your child. Maybe this will help. #parenting #parentingtips #Tuesdayparentingtips…/

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