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Life After a Pandemic

It has been a while. I have always loved writing. It was a huge part of my first career. However, the pandemic took alot of things out of me and apparently writing was one of them. I am sorry that it has taking me so long to get back to this. I will do my best to check in more frequently. Quite honestly, I was not feeling very inspired. Perhaps you can relate. Life changed so drastically for me over the last year. Isolation and separation had us searching for new ways to "do life." Some of our choices were good and taught us to stretch beyond our boundaries. Others were continuous adjustments to what "had to be."

I hear many people say that their lives changed for the better during and after the pandemic. How about yours? Did you adapt and find peace in the change? Or did you miss your former life and old ways? Have you kept some of those changes or have you been eager to shed any routines driven by the pandemic?

Most importantly, life has forever changed for our children. If they have reached

are formed, there will always be a "before and after" the pandemic. I think the habits of sanitizer and masks will always dwell as possibilities and concerns. Also, the way they interact with friends has also changed. It may not always show, but I still see the hesitation from time to time.

At the Kids Club, we carry on. We try to keep the center as "normal" as possible while still protecting our little friends. We have a high success

rate with no known cases and we hope to keep it that way.

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