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It's A Small World

It is hard to believe that we completed 2 months of operation this week. While our family is taking a much needed fall break, we were reminded how small the world really is. On an excursion in St Thomas yesterday, we sat down across from a family from Hendersonville. As we became acquainted, we were excited to learn that they were familiar with

our new little company - Music City Kids Club. Despite the challenges and growing pains, it has been an amazing 8 weeks. And, we had to travel to an island far, far away to be reminded of the impact we are having on the Sumner County community. It is because of you - our fans - and our staff that we are enjoying such growth and success.

Thank you for trusting us with your family and for helping us spread the word. We look forward to continued growth and helping families of Sumner County live a more balanced life. #itsasmallworld #youneverknowyourimpact #musiccitykidsclub #dropinchildcare #familybusiness

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