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Are your kids safe online?

We are living in an ever-changing world with a growing emphasis on electronics. From video games to YouTube, our children's exposure to electronic media is at an all time high. And, it does not seem that it will ever decrease or return to the "old days" like when I was growing up. We are living in a different time and, as parents, we need to get involved and be sure that we are protecting our children.

As an owner of a business that focuses on the care of children, you can imagine that I spend a lot of time following chat rooms and groups devoted to parenting and raising of our next generation. What I have found is that there is a broad range of what parents feel their roles are for "policing" their children's use of the varying electronic mediums. Some feel like reading a child's text messages is an invasion of privacy. Others don't know enough about YouTube to set parental controls. It is time to step up!

It is a dark and scary world out there. While we cannot shield our kids from everything, we can be proactive and involved and do our best to limit the exposure. Today we start with tips for YouTube.

Here are some tips for YouTube Safety Guidelines for Parents:

- Make a YouTube account with only kids subscriptions

- Watch/Screen YouTube Channels before subscribing

- Utilize YouTube Parental Control Features (restricted mode)

- Monitor screen time

- Watch YouTube with your kids

- Discuss YouTube safety as a family

- Come up with a set of YouTube ground rules

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